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Karla Self is the author of "The Spaces That Hold You." This novel, though fiction, was inspired by her rewarding career in social services, where she was dedicated to the well-being of our most vulnerable children, specializing in family finding. She wanted to convey the devastation that many young people face when things go wrong in their lives and the hope that can be found in spite of it. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Randy, and has three adult children and eight grandchildren. Karla has proven to be an accomplished writer with the ability to craft a story that touches the heart and soul. "The Spaces That Hold You" has received acclaim from readers for its depth, authenticity, and emotional resonance. With a passion for storytelling, Karla continues to explore the human experience through her writing, leaving a lasting impact on readers worldwide. She has the ability to captivate, resonate, and allow readers to immerse themselves in the spaces of their own hearts as they join Levi on his unforgettable journey.

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Her Debut Novel

The Spaces That Hold You is a tragic and heartwarming story about the life of Levi Strong, a boy who is swept into the most difficult of circumstances.

It is the 1960s in Kelsey, a place left behind by the dustbowl migrants in California.

The underpinnings of racism hold tight to the town, pushing Levi to face the indelible harm of indifference from those like himself, who can blend easily into the fold, as they stand by in silence, while others unfurl their tongues and fists on those they perceive to be different.

Levi’s mother, Katharine, keeps many secrets. Some, Levi gives witness to, but the worst of them will change everything, when he is forced to question all that he has ever known about his mother and himself.

Join Levi on his journey of discovery. This captivating story will leave you pondering the profound spaces that connect us all.

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